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  1. Gosintary

    [Open] Staff Applications

    Hello survivors! The AntrixMc Administration is currently accepting staff applications! Interested in becoming a staff member? Make sure you meet the prerequisites, then use the template provided to apply! Prerequisites: In order to apply for staff, we have a few requirements you must meet first. You must: - Be 14 years of age or older. - Have some level of maturity. - Be an active member of the AntrixMc community. - Working Microphone and discord. The format: IGN: Age: Discord: Have you ever been punished on any server before? If so why? Have you been staff on any other servers before? What servers? (server ip/website/discord) Don't lie, we will check. Why do you want to be staff on AntrixMc? What is the role of a staff member in your opinion? Anything else you want to add:
  2. Gosintary

    Testing The RSS

    Lets test the RSS Feed!
  3. Gosintary

    Welcome to the Forums!

    Today we finnaly announce that the forums are done enough to invite our members to them! They can now be used and you can now make posts to them! Announcement will be made her and be sent automatically to the discord channel. All punishment appeals and reports will be done here. This will also include frequently asked questions, server info(announcements, tips and tricks, guides, etc). There will also be a public use questions system where players can ask questions and users can post answers. Answers can be upvoted (or downvoted) to help sort out the best answers. Thanks to all and have fun!
  4. Gosintary

    Official Server Rules

    Server Rules » Chat Offenses » Racism - 1 Day Mute Per Word » Homophobic Slurs - 1 Day Mute Per Word » Offensive Language - Verbal Warning/Official Warning » Inappropriate Names/Skin - Ban Until Appeal » DDoS Threats - Permanent Ban » Doxing Threats - Permanent Ban » IRL Threats - 1 Day Mute/1 Day Ban/1 Week Ban » Full Caps - Verbal Warning/Official Warning » Self-Harm Encouragement - 1 Day Mute/1 Day Ban/1 Week Ban/Perm Ban » Linking Inappropriate Content - 1 Day Mute » Advertising - Permanent IP Ban, No Appealing » Disrespecting Staff - 1 Day Mute/ 1 Day Ban/1 Week Ban » Spamming - Verbal Warning/Official Warning » Discrimination Against Any Player - Official Warn » Game Play Offences » Hacking - 1 Month Ban/Perm Ban » Ban Evading - 2 Week IP Ban/Perm IP Ban » Abusing Bugs/Glitches - Permanent Ban » Regarding Macros » Auto Ion Macros Are Not Allowed » Clicks Per Second Cap Is 12 CPS (Clicks Per Second) » Auto Command Macros (/eat, /near, /ec) Are Allowed @everyone rules updated.
  5. Gosintary

    Punishment Appeal Format

    This format must be us if when appealing a punishment of any sort. If it is not used your appeal will be locked and ignored. You must use valid info an evidence(if needed for false ban reporting). If your ban appeal is ignored or denied, you may submit another punishment appeal 7 days after your denial date. The format is as follows: IGN: Date of Ban: Reason of ban: Why should you be unbanned: Do you feel you were falsely banned? What evidence do you have backing up this claim?
  6. Gosintary

    Player Reports Template

    This format is required when reporting players. If not used your report will be locked and ignored. When reporting players evidence must be used and must clearly show a player violating one of the posted server rules found in our discord. The format is as follows: Your IGN: Reported player’s IGN: Date: Reason for report: Evidence:
  7. Gosintary

    Example Question

    When answering questions, be sure to put useful information that users can read and clearly understand. Thanks! Also be sure to vote on good answers so future readers can indentify the best answer!
  8. Gosintary

    Example Question

    Please be sure to ask good questions that others can read and clearly understand, and that questions are not duplicate! Duplicate questions will be deleted!
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    Version 1.0.0


    Developed By Gosintary for Blooby


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    First update post

    Started Development of LyfeMc